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Who We Are

Health and intention have always been important in my personal mission. I grew up in Colorado and learned early on the power of yoga in overall mindfulness and fitness.

After graduating college, moving to San Diego, and starting my journey in business, I kept feeling the pull of my practice. Daily, I would think about yoga and how it changed my life in everything I do.

Yoga became my mission. I eventually left the world of business and went full-time into my practice. I quickly honed my skill set and developed techniques, filling in what was missing in yoga.

Today I welcome you to Yoga Box, a culmination of years of intent, with every detail thought out. From the creation of The Yoga Box method allows you to develop your yoga practice through a structured and defined program, to our training, practice, lighting, music system, and overall experience, Yoga Box is not your average yoga studio. It’s a place where yoga practitioners can come and immerse themselves in the experience while defining their unique practice and elevating their state.

Yoga Box was born to challenge you, expand your mind, and to deliver a practice-over-perfection experience. Welcome to Yoga Box!